How to be a More Courteous Driver

Drivers have different personalities. Some of them exhibit a road rage behavior which can lead to different consequences. The road isn’t a safe place especially if you aren’t a courteous driver. A lot can happen while you’re on the road so to avoid any mishaps, being a more courteous driver will help you get to your destination and back home safely. Being attentive is the first way on how to be a courteous driver and if you’re unsure on what to do to be a more courteous driver, reading this article will help you become one.


You are a courteous driver if you follow and obey the traffic laws and speed limit. You are also a courteous driver if you don’t drink and drive because you know you should only drive when you’re sober. If you don’t use your phone while driving, allow other vehicles to pass in front of you and follow the car in front of you only after three seconds has passed, glance in the mirror and your blind spot before switching lanes and only paying attention on the road, then you are indeed a courteous driver. But if you feel like you’re not courteous enough, what should you do?


Being a courteous driver is easy. If you don’t let your temper get to you, then you’re good. If you’re wondering what you should do to be a lot more courteous on the road, then you should apply changes on your driving habit.

  • Use your signals

To avoid any cause of road rage, you should communicate your intentions properly and make use of your signal lights. They are not there for nothing; they are intended to be used.

  • Don’t start a fight with your car horns

Only use your car horns to let other drivers become aware of your presence and not to inform them of your frustrations. Your emotions shouldn’t get into you. Take a deep breath to relax and release your frustrations. Car horns are also one of the causes of road incidents so make sure not to use them when unnecessary.

  • Respect the people on the road

Drivers aren’t the only person you’ll encounter on the road. You will also see people trying to cross the road, the elders, street cleaners, animals, cyclists, etc. Let them pass through and only continue driving once it’s completely safe to pass. Always remember that you do not own the road, so let others use it too.


Let others be who they want to be on the road. Eventually, they will face the consequences of not being a courteous driver so only focus on yourself. If you’re safe and other people are safe from you, then you’ll be fine. Always remember to be a courteous driver to avoid accidents on the road. It is better to be patient on the road than to be a patient in the hospital!


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